Installation Of French Drains In Boston MA Will Keep Your Home Dry

Homes can develop water seeping in where the water meets the floor due to shifting of the foundation and water pressure. The French drains in older homes can become clogged and need to be replaced. french drains in Boston MA do not have to be installed on the outside of a home to remove water from around the footer. Before an indoor system was designed for removing water, excavation around a home for the lowest part of the foundation would need to be performed. This would destroy landscaping and sidewalks and add to the cost of repairing the drains.

Today’s French Drains in Boston MA can be installed inside. An experienced waterproofing company can remove a portion of the floor around the basement walls. This work is performed with the use of special tools. A trench will be made from the wall and extend out several feet. The debris from the trench construction will be removed from the area. 3/4″ washed stone will be put into the trench with a four inch PVC perforated pipe system that will slant towards a sump pump pit. More washed stone will be put on top of the pipe to allow the water to flow into the PVC pipe. The water will travel to a sump pump where it will be removed from the basement.

When French drains are installed in a home, adding a dehumidifier to the basement area will keep the area even drier. Fogged up or icy windows in a home mean there’s more moisture in the area than is needed. Unventilated moisture and polluted air can destroy the health of the occupants. A dehumidifying system will reduce mold and musty odors, stagnant air, structural damage and reduce moisture on the windows. It will help to remove radon gas and reduce allergens in the air like mites. The indoor air quality will dramatically improve and allow for easier breathing.

If your home has more moisture than it should or your basement is leaking, damp or musty, it’s important to address the problem as quickly as possible to reduce further damage to a home or personal belongings. For more information, please feel free to contact us.