Reasons to Install Speed Bumps in Naples, FL

Speed humps or bumps are commonly used on roads with high traffic. They play a vital role in controlling the overall speed of the traffic moving on the roads, and it’s important that proper care is taken during their installation. In the past, speed bumps have consisted of the road being enlarged to a certain height, thus creating a sort of bump. This meant that drivers had to slow down before they could cross over. On top of that, reflective paint would be applied in order to ensure that drivers could spot the bump from afar and had ample braking distance between the car and the bump. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing speed bumps in Naples, FL around your business premises.

Reducing Speed around Blind Curves

If your office building or shop is located around a blind curve, installing a speed bump is very important. Drivers would have to reduce the speed of their car around the curve before the bump, thus significantly reducing the chances of an accident. If somebody is trying to cross the road and cannot be seen from the driver’s point of view, it’s important that the oncoming car is as slow as possible to avoid an accident. Speed bumps can help ensure that.

Reduced Noise

Lower speeds also help decrease the noise of the traffic, so you don’t have to worry about people honking right outside of your workplace. Secondly, they create a clear impression that the area is not designed for speeding, so all drivers would have to promptly slow down as they approach the speed bumps. You should contact a reputable paving contractor such as Acme Paving Contractors if you want to get a speed bump installed near your place.