Signs It’s Time to Replace Vinyl Windows in Lawrence, Kansas

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Home Improvement

Vinyl Windows in Lawrence Kansas are designed to withstand inclement weather and the test of time, but no home fixture can last forever. Old windows can lead to decreased energy efficiency and even water damage. That’s why it’s so important for homeowners to keep an eye out for the following signs that their vinyl windows need to be replaced.

Condensation Buildup

Windows that are accumulating water or frost it can mean serious trouble for homeowners. A day or two of condensation that can be resolved by making adjustments to the household’s interior climate is nothing to worry about. However, if the humidity level in the home is optimal and the windows are still accumulating condensation, they may need to be replaced.

Panes That Are Hot or Cold to the Touch

It’s easier than most people think to determine whether or not windows are providing sufficient insulation. Simply touch the glass on an extremely hot or cold day. If the glass is hot to the touch in summer or cold to the touch in winter, it’s not providing the kind of insulation the home needs and should be replaced.

Noticeable Drafts

Some window leaks are all but imperceptible, but often homeowners can tell if their windows are leaking by simply sitting for a while next to the windows and making note of any drafts. Keep in mind that, while this may not seem like a big deal on a relatively temperate day, the same amount of air is getting in both during the coldest parts of winter and the hottest parts of summer.

Cracks in Frame or Panes

As noted above, Vinyl Windows in Lawrence Kansas are designed to be durable. Over time, though, weather conditions and general wear and tear can lead to noticeable cracks in the frames. There is no practical way to repair vinyl window frames. Instead, it’s best to simply have them replaced.

Similarly, if there are noticeable cracks in the window panes, it’s definitely time to look into replacing them. These cracks can only wind up getting worse over time. Homeowners can visit website to find information about one local contractor who can help before more damage occurs.

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