Renovations Begin with Concrete Demolition in Chicago IL

A major renovation project often begins with gutting the building or one floor. In most cases that requires concrete demolition in Chicago IL. The process is a complicated one that involves structural engineers, interior designers, and an expert company with experience in renovations and restoration projects.

Weight Bearing Considerations

Demolishing concrete will affect the structural integrity of the building. Walls are strategically installed to bear the weight of the floor above, the floor below, or the roof. The engineer will inspect the building or floor and inspect the original blueprints to determine which walls can cease to exist without compromising safety.


The company hired to complete concrete demolition in Chicago IL must have the knowledge to decipher an engineer report and the capacity to do the job safely and efficiently. Decades of renovating commercial and historical buildings is essential to keep projects within budget and finished on time. Protecting the integrity and style of the building is a top priority for companies, such as Golf Construction, that specialize in restorations.

Related services like building facades, masonry work, structural strengthening, and corrosion protection are also offered for one stop planning of renovations. Customized service and solutions are provided for each customer to meet unique needs.

Attention to Detail

When working on historical buildings attention to detail makes the renovation successful. Matching the materials and tools used for the original masonry features results in a seamless finish that is indistinguishable from the parts that do not need renovation. Molding, archways, patterns of the staircase railings, and built-in shelves or recessed windows are other areas that must be recreated exactly.


Once the demolition work is done and cleaned up, the rebuilding stage begins. Working with the historian or interior designer is critical for the construction team to restore the space to its former glory. A renovation needs to be completed to customer specifications, so collaboration is required then as well.

The process must be well planned to finish on time without increases in the budget. Hundreds of previous projects help to hone skills to accomplish these goals. Demolition is only the beginning, so hiring a company with the expertise and capability to finish the job will save money and alleviate stress.